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Hello plant lovers and enthusiasts, buy plants online in Bangalore from Plantxo and give your home the lovely touch of mother nature with our beautiful indoor plants. You could shop from our selected list of indoor plants that could help you to improve the beauty of your home interior and make your dear ones happier. Plantxo focuses on connecting you to the beauty of mother earth through plants. We at Plantxo provide you with an extra-ordinary online shopping experience for all your indoor garden needs in Bangalore.

Our online plant store gives you the best hand-picked indoor plants delivered to your doorstep in a day, wherever you are located in Bangalore. You could find your favourite indoor plant online on our website and get it delivered quickly.


We do not box your plants in cardboard while transporting. We have our environmentally friendly, small electric trucks that we use to transport your plants in the open air, because plants have life, feelings and they need to breathe while traveling. We guarantee healthiness and quality with every plant we deliver. If you are not happy with the plant we delivered to you, you could always get back to us.


Why do we need indoor plants? 

Plants bring colour, texture and beauty to our interiors and their air-purifying ability keeps us healthier. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have much time to research around which indoor plant you want to buy, you could choose from our plant combos.


We have indoor plants from 6 feet tall areca palms to succulents sized a couple of inches on our website. Receive your plant healthy and undamaged with our in-house, zero packaging delivery within 24 hours of order.


Plants Online in Bangalore


The Importance of Our Zero Packaging Delivery in Bangalore

At Plantxo, we believe that your plants are our responsibility. We always use zero packaging and open delivery to ensure that your plants are received in the best and healthy state. This also helps reduce our carbon footprint and encourages sustainable living. We deliver your orders to your doorstep with our electric vehicles – all across Bangalore.


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