Pachira aquatica ; Money Tree


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Guiana chestnut, Commonly known as money tree famed for good fortune, is also a attractive part of every home with braided trunk. This plant is tropical wetland plant which is easy to maintain.


Plant Size       – 15-20 inches
Pot size           – 5 inches diameter, 4 inches height
Potting Mix   – Red Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost
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Care Instructions


This plant loves bright indoors. But hesitates direct sunlight. So if your is very sunny, place the plant quite far from window.


This plant store water in its trunk, so plant requires a gentle watering. Water the plant when the soil is dry.


Feed them during summer monthly once.

Quick note: “It’s believed that the tradition for plaiting this plant’s trunk started in the 1980s, when a Taiwanese truck driver decided they looked better that way”