Fittonia Pink ; Nerve Plant


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Table Top | Low Maintenance
Plant Height    – 3-4 inches
Pot size              – 5 inches diameter hanging pot
Potting Mix     – Red Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost


Fittonia Pink

Fittonia_albivenis; Family: Acanthaceae;
Also Known us :  Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant;
Origin : South American tropical rain forest

Fittonia Pink is an evergreen plant having pink leaves with prominent white veins which looks similar to the human nervous system, which makes it called Nerve Plant too. This plant shows dramas while not watered and wilts as dead and wakes up as it get a drink, which makes the plant a social media star.

Care Instructions


Fittonia is a low light plant which makes a perfect houseplant. Direct sunlight is always harm harmful to this plant, so avoid it, hence it can burn the leaves.


Fittonia loves moisture in the soil where it stays. But water the plant once the top soil is dry, check the soil with your finger and confirm the soil is dry to water the plant.


Feeding the fittonia once with common NPK fertilizers in the growing seasons is preferred. Avoid feeding them in winter months, which is a non-growing season this plant.

Quick Facts

Fittonia is a pet-friendly plant, non toxic to cats and dogs.