Aglaonema Snow White-Medium


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Air Purifier | Easy Care
Plant Size             : 10-12 inches
Pot size                : 5 Inch Dia, 4 Inch height.
Potted in              : Soil + Cocopeat + Organic Manure


About Aglaonema Snow White

Aglaonema; Family: Araceae;
Also Known us :  Chinese Evergreen, Aglaonema White Kiwi

Aglaonemas are widely used as ornamental plant all over the world for decades. They are evergreen foliage plants which cops in low light and easy to care. Aglaonema snow white is bushy foliage plant with large white patches on dark green leaves. She can purify the air around and release oxygen, so that you can breath easily.

Care Instructions


Aglaonemas very good in low light conditions.  The leaves will be brighter and variegation will be prominent if place in bright indirect sunlight. But avoid direct sunlight.


Less frequent watering is required for Aglaonema. Check the top soil yo dry before watering.


Feed the plant with organic fertilizers once in six months.

Quick Facts

Chinese evergreen is consider to be lucky in china and some other parts of Asia. We don’t promise about that, but it is worth for a try.