Haworthia cooperi


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Table Top | Low Maintenance
Plant Size             : 3- 4 inches
Pot size                : 2.5 Diameter, 2.5 height.
Potted in              : Succulent Potting Mix


AboutHaworthia cooperi

Haworthia cooperi; Family:Asphodelaceae;
Origin : Africa

Haworthia cooperi is a succulent plant with fleshy leaves, transparent at the top and dark green at the bottom, spirally arranged looks very beautiful like every succulents.

Care Instructions


As all succulents Haworthia cooperi loves bright light. Alow the plam=nt to get minimum 2 hours of bright sunlight daily.


Water Haworthia cooperi once the soil is completely dry. Over watering can rot the roots. Avoid watering on leaves, water on the soil.


Not much feeding is required for this succulent. Repot the plant once it overgrows out of the pot. Use compost while repotting.