Areca Palm-Medium : Butterfly Palm-Medium


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Easy Growable Indoor Plant

Plant Height   :  2 – 3 Feet (60 – 90 cm)
Pot size          : 6″ diameter, 5″ height (15.24 cm diameter, 12.7 cm height)
Potting Mix     : Red Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost

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About Areca Palm

Areca Palm, also known as the Golden Cane Palm, is a stunning indoor plant with golden green leaves. It is known for its ability to absorb CO2 in the night, making it a wonderful air purifier. Originally from Madagascar, Areca palm plant is easy to take care at your home.

Areca Palm Care


Areca Palm grow better in bright, indirect light and should be placed in a room that receives plenty of sunlight. Avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight.


Areca Palm plant needs light watering, and it is recommended to check the top two inches of soil once a week and water if it feels dry. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it’s vital to ensure that the soil is not waterlogged.


Areca Palm should be fertilized once a month with indoor plant fertilizers.