Snake Plant – Sansevieria Hahnii


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The Ideal Table Plant

Plant Height. : 3-4 inches
Pot Size. : 4 inches diameter, 3.5 inches height
Potting Mix : Red Soil + Cocopeat + Vermicompost

Snake Plant – Sansevieria Hahnii will deliver at your doorstep next day in Bangalore.

About Dwarf Sansevieria

Dwarf Sansevieria is a beautiful table plant with spirally arranged dark green leaves adorned with light green patches, making it a great air purifier for your home.

Sansevieria Care


Dwarf Sansevieria can tolerate direct sunlight, but it is best to place them in bright but indirect light. Avoid exposing the plant to intense sunlight.


Water your Sansevieria only when the topsoil is completely dry. It is recommended to water them once every 10 days. Do not let the plant sit in water for too long.


Sansevieria are light feeders, so it’s essential not to over-fertilize the soil. During the summer, lightly fertilize them with basic fertilizers for houseplants.

Other Varieties of Snake Plant