Peperomia Variegated


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Table Top | Low Maintenance
Plant Size              : 3-5 inches
Pot size                 :  4 inch Dia, 3 inch height.
Potted in               : Soil + Coco-peat + Organic Manure


About Peperomia Veriegated

PeperomiaFamily: Piperaceae;
Also Known us :  baby rubber plant, American rubber plant.

Peperomia variegated is a tropical flowering plant which belongs to the Piperaceae family native to and can grow up to 10 inches tall. These plants have thick fleshy leaves with veriegations, which helps with their drought tolerance. By planting in smaller pots, they can be maintained in a short size to be placed on the table. Peperomia plants are generally easy to maintain, slow-growing and can be planted all year long.

Peperomia is considered as an agent of luck in Brazil.

Care Instructions


Peperomia plants require medium to bright indirect sunlight to maintain the colour and veriegations on their foliage. They prefer warm and steamy environment


These plants do not require frequent watering as they have for fleshy leaves. Water once top layer soil is completely dry. It is better to keep Peperomia on the dry side, than sogging it. Overwatering can lead to root rot and death of the plant.


As a slow growing plant, peperomia can grow without fertilizer supplements. Feeding the plant with organic fertilizers once in a year in quite a small quantity, would be sufficient.

Quick Facts

Peperomia is considered as an agent of luck in Brazil.