Fiddle Leaf Fig – Fidel Tree


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Ficus lyrata
Best choice for those who loves to have a large piece of green around. Air purifying plant with large leaves loves indirect bright light.
Plant Height   – 2 feet (approx.)
Pot Size            – 8inches diameter, 7 inches hieght
Potting Mix     -Red soil +Cocopeat + vermicompost 
Plant Height   – 3-4 feet
Pot Size            – 10inches diameter, 9 inches hieght
Potting Mix     -Red soil +Cocopeat + vermicompost



Care Instructions


Perfectly suits in rooms with bright indirect sunlight. Brighter the sunlight(indirect only) bigger the leaves.


Fig is much thirstier in summer than winter. Check him once a week and water if the top two inches of his soil are dry.


Feed the fig monthly once during summer and water the plant. It the improve the foliage.

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