Croton Petra


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Evergreen | Easy Care

Plant Size             : 10-12 inches (25 cm – 30 cm)
Pot size                : 6 Inch Diameter, 5 Inch height (15.24 cm Diameter, 12.7 cm height)
Potted in              : Soil + Organic Manure.

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About Croton Petra

Codiaeum variegatum; Family: Araceae;
Also Known us :  Fire Croton, Garden Croton
Croton is bright colorful plant with great artwork of colors in their leaves. This plant is originated in Asia, mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia etc.. so it fits with our climate and very easy to care. We can find different colors like orange, pink, yellow splashed in the leaves of Croton.

Croton Petra Care


Croton loves bright indirect sunlight, but it can cop with moderate light also. Better the sunlight, Croton explicit its all beautiful colors.


Croton loves moist soil, water the plant once the top soil is dry. Under-watering leads to shedding of leaves


Feed the Croton plant once in a month with nitrogen rich fertilizers, so it will give back thick bushy foliage.

Quick Facts

Croton sap is poisonous, so avoid direct contact with. Wash away with good amount of water if you get in contact.